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An update.

So I thought I would post a little  update on my mom and on my knitting.  I swear, this is not going to be a blog only about my mom’s health.  I will continue to post my crafts (when I’ve got them).

So my mom has had a billion tests done on her.  Seriously there have been a mammogram, CAT scan of her full body, bone scan, 3 or 4 different MRI, EKG, EEG, and there are some I don’t even know the names of, not to mention the millions of blood tests.  What it comes down to is that there is no cancer anywhere else in her body (just in her brain).  This is good and bad. Good because obviously my mom doesn’t have cancer spread throughout her body.  Bad because this means they have to do the biopsy in her brain.  If there was cancer elsewhere, they would choose to do the biopsy somewhere else.  She has 3 tumors in her brain, 2 are rather small (not sure on the exact size), the biggest tumor is 5 cms/2 inches big.   Tomorrow she is having the biopsy done on the largest tumor and they are going to try and remove the tumor as well. After the tumor has been removed then they can do the biopsy and determine exactly what kind of cancer it is and what stage the cancer is in.  From there we will know the treatment options.  So far, they cannot really say what’s going to happen until the biopsy is complete.  They do know that they will probably use radiation to “zap” the smaller tumors (yes, that is the medical term the doctor actually used).  So far, the doctors have not talked about long term effects or survival rates.  So if you are the praying type, well we could use a little prayer here.

Everyone asks how I am, here is my response “I am doing the best I can”.   That’s all I can really do, right?

So here’s some knitting. Once again, knitting is really getting me through this rough time.  I finally started working on my nephew-to-be’s baby blanket.  I am going with the Ribbons Baby Blanket (ravelry link).  I have made this before and I thought it came out really cute, and was fairly fast to knit.  I am using Cotton-ease and size US 7 needles.  The colors were chosen because they were colors I had on hand (and I happened to like the color combo).  I think the colors make the blanket look kinda modern, not to babyish.  The blue is the “old” cotton-ease and the other colors are the “new” stuff.  I did have to buy more of the lighter color (stone) and more of the green (lime).  I am doing random sized stripes.  The blanket is flying off my needles.  I started on Sept. 11 and I am currently about 75% done (might be more, I need to try to stretch it out better).


Getting my groove back

I’ve always found knitting to be a huge stress reliever. Yet, when I am at my most stressed or most depressed, I lose the urge to knit. It’s like all my creativity leaves me, and probably makes me feel more depressed. I’ve been going through a bit of this sort of bad spell lately. It’s gotten so bad that this sweater is the first item I’ve knit for my nephew and he’ll be here around Christmas time! I have yet to start his blankie; I haven’t even bought any yarn yet. Have yet to even decide on a pattern. I know some of the items that I made for his sister (Kaitlyn) will get passed down to him, but I strongly believe every baby is special and deserves a few items that are all his. No baby should have to have only hand-me-downs. So I really need to get my buns in gear and get knitting!

The sweater is modeled by the soon-to-be “big” sister Kaitlyn. She’s a pretty tiny 10 month old baby. Tiny, but mighty! She would not sit still. I even tried to take the pictures while she was tired, thinking this might slow her down. It didn’t work. The sweater fits her perfectly right now.

Pattern: Child’s Placket Neck Pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (the revised version)

Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Cotonade, 249 yards (3 entire balls) in color 529 a pale green.

Needles: US 7.

Ravelry Link: Rebeldaisy’s Ravelry Page.

Notes: I need to move the buttons, I’ll probably remove the top button and move the bottom button up a little bit. This is unblocked at the moment. The yarn is kinda textured, but it’ll smooth out a bit with a wash and block. I made the sweater slightly longer then suggested. If you are to make this you must use the revised version (available for free online).

I’m still not completely used to this wordpress blog, so forgive me any strange formatting or weird alignments. It’s going to take me a while to figure everything out.

First post-Knitting intro

So this is my new blog. I need somewhere to talk about my crafts and crafting experience. I do a lot of knitting and a bit of paper crafting.

Lets talk about the knitting!

My crafting definitely tends to be focused on the knitting. I find it really calming and I have this strange need to always have my hands occupied. It’s almost addictive. You get going and suddenly you just need to do one more row/round. Or I find that I cannot stop until I finish the sleeve or the border.

Lately I’ve been making a lot of baby items. I have a baby niece and a soon to arrive nephew, so crafting for babies is happening a lot. When I’m not crafting for the kidlets, I like to make myself sweaters. Sweaters are probably my favorite item to make. They are really practical. I’m practically always cold, so sweaters get work a lot.

I am not a sock knitter. Just cannot get into them.

I’ve made blankets and hats and scarves and mittens and stuffed animals and booties and dolls and jewelery and lace.

I am not too fussy about the yarns I use. I think most yarns have a time and a place when they are appropriate. I don’t like angora or mohair. But those are more about my personal comfort, most yarns with angora and mohair in them make me itch! If I am making a gift item then I try to use a yarn that is easy to care for. I am not prejudiced against acrylics. If it is soft, I will use it.

I taught myself to knit about 7 years ago. I used a book. Then I branched into magazines and the internet world of knitting. I am a fearless knitter. I will give anything a try, even if I am lacking in the skills. Right now I would say I am an intermediate knitter. I am not really into intarsia or fair isle. It is not the skills that bother me, it is more that I don’t like the results. I wouldn’t buy a sweater with a bunch of snowflakes on it, so why would I make it?

So, that is me and knitting in a nutshell.