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New Year’s Goals revisited–January

How are you doing with your goals for the New Year?  I think I’m doing alright so far.  But it’s always easy to keep them up for the first month, it’s making them a permanent part of life that’s difficult.

Exercise:  I’ve managed to get a little exercise most days.  My goal has been to do a workout on the elliptical three days a week.  Some weeks its been more, and some less, but I’ve managed to get my lazy butt moving more.  I usually do a 30 minute resistance and pace program on the elliptical.  The program keeps my from getting bored and it’s more of a challenge in a shorter period of time.  The problem I have is when do I do the exercising.  I leave the house at 10 to 7 most days and don’t get home to close to 6.  So it can be hard to find the time and energy to workout.  I would love to get in the habit of waking up earlier and exercising first thing in the morning.  But that requires waking up at about 5:20 in the morning and I am not a morning person.  NOT a morning person (yes it needs repeating).  I’ve tried it and it went ok, just cannot see it being a regular thing.

Eating:  I’ve done ok with this.  Not perfect, but better than previously.  Less fast food and more vegetables.  I’m feeling pretty good about this.  I know I can do better, but I’ve got a good start.

Writing:  Although I haven’t blogged a ton, I have been writing in my paper journal more.  I don’t have a lot of time at the computer so I’ve found that actually sitting down with a pen and paper works best for me.  Then if I want to blog something, I just type it on up.

Crafting:  I’ve been trying to knit, at minimum, a line or two every week day.  Sometimes I cannot get it done or I just don’t feel like it.  But I have been doing it more.  I went with my sister for a scrapbook night once this month too.  I think it would be nice to make it a goal to try to go once a month.

New goal:  Take more pictures!  I had to actually dig my camera out from under a pile of crap to even attempt this!

more cookin stuff

Greek Salad Pita Sandwiches:  another epicurious recipe I recently tried.  Another winner!  Some changes I made, I left the seeds in the tomatoes and the cucumber.  I left out the green bell pepper.  Used Italian Cheese mix instead of the feta (don’t care for feta).  And then I added the wonderful red pepper mayonnaise (in my last post).  These are very good.  I just kinda eyeballed the amounts to use because I was just making this for myself and not for a group.  I thought it was delicious and very satisfying.  I know it would be more healthy without the mayonnaise, but I really loved that darn mayonnaise!  I could see this being good with some hummus spread on too.  I thought this was a pretty filling pita, wasn’t sure how filling it would be without meat, but it was gooooooood.

The final new recipe that I’ve tried was Lemon Gnocchi with Spinach and Peas.  I really love Gnocchi, but I typically order them from a good take out restaurant in town.  This was the first time I’ve cooked with Gnocchi (even though I didn’t make the actual Gnocchi).  This recipe was quick and easy to make.  Didn’t take much in the way of skills to make this.  I think it was good, but not outstanding.  The Gnocchi were easy to cook and they tasted great.  I think the sauce just seemed rather bland to me.  I think if I were to make this again that I would add more garlic and maybe more of the red-pepper flakes.  Also some plain black pepper.  I think I want to try maybe a vodka cream sauce with gnocchi next.

If anyone has any recipes to recommend let me know!

Cookin’ and Eatin’

Eating better is one of my goals for this year.  The past year included too much fast food and fried comfort foods.  It was definitely lacking in the fruits and veggies.  I’ve decided I need to expand my repertoire of recipes too.  When I want to find a new recipe to try I go to Epicurious.  I’ll either search by the type of dish I want or by the ingredient I want to use.  I usually go for a recipe that has a high rating and I’ll read through the comments for suggestions or changes to make.

This past week I made the Portobello burgers with Red Pepper Mayonnaise.  Absolutely delicious!  This recipe is a keeper.  The red pepper mayonnaise is divine and delicious on a variety of things.  I changed the recipe and used buns (cannot remember what they are called?), used no vinegar, and used my regular Hellman’s mayonnaise.  I also served with tomato and spinach on the sandwich.  Even my brother (a huge carnivore) loved these.  These will be made again and again and again!

With the burgers I made a three bean salad.  I adjusted the recipe to use parsley instead of cilantro and chili pepper instead of cumin (couldn’t find any in the store?) and I left out the black eyed peas.  This is a dish that benefits from being made ahead of time and letting the flavors marinate.  I really enjoyed the mixture of veggies in this, a very fresh and crisp dish.  I am not sure I enjoyed the seasonings in this.  I need to try to make it with the cumin and then decide.  I used the chili as it was a recommendation as a substitute for cumin on allrecipes.