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First post-Knitting intro

So this is my new blog. I need somewhere to talk about my crafts and crafting experience. I do a lot of knitting and a bit of paper crafting.

Lets talk about the knitting!

My crafting definitely tends to be focused on the knitting. I find it really calming and I have this strange need to always have my hands occupied. It’s almost addictive. You get going and suddenly you just need to do one more row/round. Or I find that I cannot stop until I finish the sleeve or the border.

Lately I’ve been making a lot of baby items. I have a baby niece and a soon to arrive nephew, so crafting for babies is happening a lot. When I’m not crafting for the kidlets, I like to make myself sweaters. Sweaters are probably my favorite item to make. They are really practical. I’m practically always cold, so sweaters get work a lot.

I am not a sock knitter. Just cannot get into them.

I’ve made blankets and hats and scarves and mittens and stuffed animals and booties and dolls and jewelery and lace.

I am not too fussy about the yarns I use. I think most yarns have a time and a place when they are appropriate. I don’t like angora or mohair. But those are more about my personal comfort, most yarns with angora and mohair in them make me itch! If I am making a gift item then I try to use a yarn that is easy to care for. I am not prejudiced against acrylics. If it is soft, I will use it.

I taught myself to knit about 7 years ago. I used a book. Then I branched into magazines and the internet world of knitting. I am a fearless knitter. I will give anything a try, even if I am lacking in the skills. Right now I would say I am an intermediate knitter. I am not really into intarsia or fair isle. It is not the skills that bother me, it is more that I don’t like the results. I wouldn’t buy a sweater with a bunch of snowflakes on it, so why would I make it?

So, that is me and knitting in a nutshell.


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